Human Artificer Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on playing the Artificer class in Dungeons and Dragons 5E. If you’re looking to build a versatile and creative character that excels in crafting magic items and technological gadgets, the Artificer is the perfect choice for you. In this guide, we’ll explore the unique abilities and gameplay strategies of the Artificer class, as well as provide tips on character building, spells, infusions, and multiclassing options. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, this guide will help you unleash the full potential of your human Artificer character.

Human Artificer Guide (DND 5E)

  • Master the versatility of the Artificer class to fill various roles in a party.
  • Manage spells, infusions, and tool proficiencies to optimize your character’s abilities.
  • Explore the world of crafting and magic items to enhance your Artificer’s capabilities.
  • Consider the recommended races for Artificers to gain additional bonuses and traits.
  • Experiment with multiclassing options to customize your character and create synergy with other classes.

Overview of the Artificer Class

The Artificer class is a versatile and unique addition to Dungeons and Dragons. With its class features, the Artificer can fill multiple roles in a party, making it a valuable asset to any adventuring group. Whether you’re looking for a support character, a Defender, a Healer, or a Striker, the Artificer has the capabilities to adapt and excel in various situations.

As a support character, the Artificer uses its class features to enhance the abilities of its allies. Through infusions and spells, the Artificer can provide buffs, healing, and utility to support the party’s overall performance. It is the ultimate team player, ensuring that everyone reaches their full potential.

But don’t be fooled, the Artificer is not limited to a support role alone. It can also take on the role of a Defender, protecting the party and taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks. With the right infusions and defensive spells, the Artificer becomes a formidable wall, shielding its allies from harm.

In addition to its defensive capabilities, the Artificer can also excel as a Healer. Through its class features and spells, it can mend wounds and restore vitality to its comrades. When the party is in dire need of healing, the Artificer steps in with its expertise, ensuring the survival of the entire group.

Lastly, the Artificer can unleash its inner Striker, dealing significant damage to enemies. With its combination of spells and artificer tools, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. From ranged attacks to devastating melee strikes, the Artificer can hold its own in combat and take down foes with precision and power.

With its versatile nature, the Artificer can even take on the role of a Bard, using its creativity and magical inventions to captivate and inspire others. It can weave spells and craft magic items that enhance performances and provide unrivaled entertainment to an audience.

As you can see, the Artificer class possesses an array of class features that allow it to adapt and excel in various roles. Whether you’re looking for a support character, a Defender, a Healer, a Striker, or even a Bard, the Artificer is a versatile class that brings creativity, utility, and excitement to any Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Complexity of the Artificer Class

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the Artificer class is often regarded as a complex and intricate choice. With its multitude of decision points and micromanagement, it requires a thoughtful and strategic approach to gameplay. This class is not recommended for new players or those who prefer a simpler playstyle, as its intricacies can be overwhelming. However, for players who enjoy diving into character optimization and maximizing their abilities, the Artificer class offers a rewarding experience.

What sets the Artificer apart from other classes is the need to manage spells, infusions, and tool proficiencies. This intricate network of mechanics presents a complex web of decision points at every turn. Players must carefully consider their spell selection, choosing spells that complement their playstyle and contribute to the party’s success. Additionally, infusions allow Artificers to imbue magical properties into items, further adding to the complexity of their decision-making process.

“Playing an Artificer requires a keen understanding of your character’s abilities and how they interact with the game world. From choosing the right spells to optimizing infusions, every decision you make as an Artificer can have a significant impact on your effectiveness in combat and utility outside of battle.”

Furthermore, Artificers possess a unique set of tool proficiencies that can affect their effectiveness in certain situations. These proficiencies grant access to specialized abilities and interactions, but they also require careful management and consideration. With so many moving parts, it’s crucial for Artificer players to stay organized and focused throughout their adventures.

While the complexity of the Artificer class may be intimidating to some, it also opens up a world of customization and optimization. The intricate decision points and micromanagement allow players to fine-tune their character to fit their desired playstyle. Whether you enjoy experimenting with unique spell combinations, creating powerful magical items through infusions, or utilizing tool proficiencies to solve intricate puzzles, the Artificer class offers a wealth of opportunities for strategic and creative gameplay.

Micromanagement and Character Optimization

The level of micromanagement required to excel as an Artificer can be daunting for some players. However, for those who enjoy the challenge of optimizing their character’s abilities and resources, the Artificer offers a deeply rewarding experience. By carefully managing spells, infusions, and tool proficiencies, players can create a versatile and powerful Artificer capable of adapting to any situation.

The intricate decision points and complex class mechanics of the Artificer make it a unique and engaging choice for experienced players. It allows for a deeper level of character customization and specialization that can enhance both combat effectiveness and utility outside of battle. With the right approach and a keen eye for optimization, the Artificer class can elevate gameplay to new heights.

So, embrace the challenge, delve into the complexities, and discover the endless possibilities that the Artificer class has to offer!

“The Artificer class in Dungeons and Dragons is like a finely crafted machine. It requires careful attention and precise management to unlock its true potential. But for those willing to put in the effort, the rewards are well worth it.”

Crafting and Magic Items

As an Artificer, crafting and magic items play a significant role in your abilities and gameplay. The class features of the Artificer class are closely tied to the art of crafting and the use of magical items. However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of these features can vary depending on the specific rules of your game and the dynamics of your party.

If your game allows for item crafting, you can utilize your expertise to create powerful magic items that can greatly enhance your party’s capabilities. This downtime activity can be a rewarding endeavor, as you invest time and resources into creating items tailored to your needs. Imagine the satisfaction of wielding a weapon you crafted yourself, infused with magical properties that make it formidable in battle.

However, not all games embrace the concept of item crafting or allow for the creation of custom magic items. In such cases, you may need to adapt your infusions and make strategic choices to address any gaps in your party’s capabilities. Your ability to adjust your infusions on a long rest gives you the flexibility to contribute to the party’s overall success in different ways, such as granting a member additional resistance or enhancing their weapons.

Party dynamics are another crucial factor to consider when it comes to crafting and magic items. Communication and coordination with your fellow party members can significantly impact the effectiveness of the items created or acquired. Magic items can be traded among party members to ensure everyone has an optimized setup that complements their respective roles and abilities. By working together, you can achieve a harmonious balance that maximizes the group’s potential.

Ultimately, the crafting and use of magic items as an Artificer adds depth and excitement to your gameplay. Whether you rely on your own crafting abilities or adapt your infusions to suit your party’s needs, the ability to manipulate and create magical artifacts sets you apart from other classes. Embrace the opportunities presented by crafting and magic items and discover the true potential of your Artificer.


“Crafting and magic items are the lifeblood of an Artificer. Whether forging a powerful weapon or imbuing an object with arcane energy, the Artificer’s talents in craftsmanship are unparalleled.” – Master Alistair, renowned Artificer

Item Description
Repeating Shot A magical infusion that turns a mundane crossbow into a versatile and deadly weapon, allowing for rapid-fire shots and increased accuracy.
Enhanced Weapon An infusion that enhances a weapon with magical properties, granting additional damage or other advantageous effects in combat.
Boots of Elvenkind A pair of boots infused with elven magic, bestowing the wearer with heightened agility and stealth, making them more difficult to detect and granting advantages to stealth-based skills.
Cloak of Elvenkind A lightweight cloak infused with elven enchantments, providing the wearer with enhanced camouflage and the ability to blend seamlessly in natural surroundings.

These are just a few examples of the various infusions and magic items an Artificer can create or utilize. Each item enhances your capabilities in different ways, providing you with the tools you need to overcome challenges and excel in your chosen role within the party.

Artificer Class Features

The Artificer class in Dungeons and Dragons 5E offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other classes. From spellcasting to infusions and Magical Tinkering, Artificers have a variety of abilities to enhance their gameplay experience. Additionally, Artificers can choose from different subclasses known as Artificer Specialists, each offering its own distinct set of abilities.

When building a character as an Artificer, players must carefully consider their ability scores, saves, and proficiencies to optimize their effectiveness in various situations. Let’s explore some of the key class features and how they contribute to the overall gameplay:


Artificers have the ability to cast spells, granting them a range of magical abilities to aid their party in both combat and non-combat scenarios. With a unique spell list that combines elements of arcane and divine magic, Artificers can tailor their spell selection to fit their specific playstyle and party needs.


One of the defining features of the Artificer class is its infusions. These magical enhancements can be applied to items, granting them extraordinary properties. Infusions allow Artificers to enhance their own equipment or empower their allies, providing a wide range of tactical options in battle and utility in exploration.

Magical Tinkering

Magical Tinkering is a unique ability that Artificers possess, allowing them to imbue mundane items with magical properties. By infusing objects with spells or other magical effects, Artificers can create useful gadgets and devices to aid them on their adventures.

Artificer Specialists

The Artificer class offers several subclasses known as Artificer Specialists. Each specialist focuses on a specific aspect of Artificer abilities, providing players with different playstyles and roles within a party. Whether you choose to become an Alchemist, Armorer, Artillerist, Battle Smith, or an upcoming specialist introduced in supplemental materials, you’ll gain unique features and abilities to customize your character.

Ability Scores, Saves, and Proficiencies

When creating an Artificer character, it’s crucial to consider their ability scores, which determine their strengths and weaknesses. Artificers heavily rely on Intelligence for their spellcasting and class features. Additionally, proficiency in various saving throws and skill proficiencies allows Artificers to excel in specific areas, making them more versatile and effective in different situations.

Now that we have explored the unique class features of the Artificer, let’s delve into recommended races for Artificers in the next section.

Recommended Races for Artificers

Different races offer various benefits for Artificers. Here are some recommended races that can enhance an Artificer’s capabilities:


The Dragonborn race provides bonuses to ability scores and breath weapon, making them formidable in combat.


Dwarves have natural proficiency in tool usage and resistance to poison, making them skilled craftsmen and resilient in battle.


Elves excel in Dexterity and Perception, making them agile and perceptive Artificers. Their keen senses and elven accuracy can be advantageous in both combat and exploration.


Gnomes have a natural affinity for magic and tinkering, making them excellent Artificers. Their intelligence and curiosity fuel their inventiveness and ability to create unique gadgets.


Halflings possess exceptional luck and nimbleness, making them valuable Artificers. Their innate ability to avoid danger and their natural dexterity make them adept at maneuvering in high-stakes situations.


Humans are adaptable and versatile, allowing them to excel in any class, including Artificer. Their ability to customize their skills and benefit from the extra feat at the start of the game gives them an edge in creating unique and powerful characters.


Tieflings have a demonic heritage that grants them innate magical abilities. Their inherent charisma and resistance to fire make them suitable Artificers who can harness powerful magic and create infernal-inspired inventions.


Aarakocra are avian beings known for their flying abilities. With a natural speed and aerial advantage, they make skilled Artificers who can utilize their airborne mobility to gain a tactical advantage in combat and exploration.

Each race provides unique bonuses and traits that enhance an Artificer’s abilities. The choice of race depends on the player’s preferred playstyle and the specific goals of their character build.

Infusions and Magic Items

As an Artificer, you have the unique ability to create powerful magic items through infusions. These infusions allow you to enhance your combat abilities, mobility, and stealth, making you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at some notable infusions that can greatly benefit your Artificer character.

1. Repeating Shot

The Repeating Shot infusion grants your ranged weapon the ability to magically create its own ammunition. This means you’ll never run out of arrows, bolts, or bullets during combat, ensuring you can consistently deal damage from a distance. It’s a must-have infusion for any Artificer who relies on ranged attacks.

2. Enhanced Weapon

The Enhanced Weapon infusion is perfect for those Artificers who prefer to engage in melee combat. By infusing your weapon with magical energy, you can increase its damage output and effectiveness, giving you an edge in close-quarters battles. Whether you wield a sword, an axe, or a mace, the Enhanced Weapon infusion will help you strike fear into your enemies.

3. Boots of Elvenkind

With the Boots of Elvenkind infusion, you can enhance your mobility and stealth capabilities. These magical boots allow you to move silently and effortlessly through various terrain, making it easier for you to sneak up on enemies or perform quick getaways when the situation calls for it. Whether you’re scouting ahead or attempting to infiltrate enemy territory, the Boots of Elvenkind will be your trusted companion.

4. Cloak of Elvenkind

The Cloak of Elvenkind infusion offers another layer of stealth and subtlety to your Artificer character. This magical cloak grants you the ability to blend into your surroundings, making it harder for enemies to spot you. Whether you’re trying to hide in the shadows or remain unnoticed in a crowded city, the Cloak of Elvenkind will ensure you remain elusive and mysterious.

These infusions and magic items are just a glimpse of what an Artificer is capable of. Your ability to create and customize magic items allows you to tailor your character to suit your playstyle and the needs of your party. Embrace your ingenuity and master the art of infusions to become the ultimate magical inventor.

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Optimizing your Artificer character requires careful consideration of your role within the party, spell selection, and infusion choices. The Artificer class offers great versatility and adaptability, making it essential to tailor your gameplay to maximize its strengths. Additionally, embracing role-playing opportunities and using spells and abilities creatively can greatly enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Consider Your Role in the Party

As an Artificer, you have the flexibility to fill various roles depending on your party’s needs. Whether it’s providing support, defending your allies, healing wounds, or dealing damage, adapt your playstyle accordingly. Communication with your party members is key to ensure you complement each other’s strengths and cover any weaknesses.

Selecting Spells and Infusions

Spell selection is crucial for an Artificer. Focus on spells that align with your desired role and enhance your party’s capabilities. Consider spells that synergize with your infusions and allow for strategic use in different situations. Experiment with combinations to find the most effective spells for your playstyle.

When it comes to infusions, prioritize those that complement your character’s strengths and fill any gaps in your party composition. Infusions like Enhanced Weapon or Replicate Magic Item can greatly enhance your combat abilities, while others like Boots of Elvenkind or Cloak of Elvenkind can improve mobility and stealth.

Embrace Versatility and Role-Playing

One of the Artificer class’s strengths lies in its versatility. Use your creativity to think outside the box and employ your spells and abilities in unexpected ways. Artificers are known for their innovative and ingenious approaches, so embrace the opportunity to role-play as a cunning inventor and problem-solver.

“In the hands of an Artificer, even the simplest objects can become powerful tools. Embrace your role as the master of invention and show your party the true potential of your craft.” – Master Arman, renowned Artificer

Additionally, take advantage of your Artificer’s ability to create magical items and gadgets. These can be used to solve puzzles, bypass obstacles, or gain an advantage in combat. Your creativity and resourcefulness will set you apart and make your gameplay truly memorable.

By optimizing your character’s gameplay using these tips and strategies, you can fully harness the potential of the Artificer class. Remember to prioritize versatility, embrace your role within the party, and leverage your spell selection and infusions for maximum impact. Whether you’re enhancing your combat abilities, supporting your allies, or unraveling mysteries with your inventiveness, the Artificer brings a unique flavor to your role-playing adventures.

Multiclassing Options for Artificers

Artificers can take their character customization to the next level by multiclassing. This allows them to combine the unique abilities of the Artificer class with those of other classes, opening up a world of synergistic possibilities. Two popular multiclass options for Artificers are Rogue and Fighter.

Multiclassing with Rogue

Multiclassing with Rogue offers Artificers additional skills and the opportunity to utilize sneak attacks in combat. By taking levels in Rogue, Artificers can enhance their stealth and infiltration abilities, making them even more versatile on the battlefield. The synergy between the two classes allows Artificers to excel in both support roles and as effective damage dealers.

Multiclassing with Fighter

Combining the Artificer class with Fighter grants Artificers access to extra attacks and combat abilities. This multiclass option enhances their combat prowess and allows them to hold their own in melee engagements. Whether it’s wielding a powerful weapon or wearing heavy armor, the combination of Artificer and Fighter provides a balanced blend of magical ingenuity and martial prowess.

The flexibility of multiclassing enables Artificers to mix and match abilities from different classes, creating truly unique and customized characters. By strategically selecting a multiclass option that complements their playstyle and desired role, Artificers can optimize their character build for maximum effectiveness in any situation.

To better understand the multiclassing options available, here is a table comparing the key features of multiclassing with Rogue and Fighter:

Multiclass Option Benefits Synergy
Rogue – Additional skills
– Access to sneak attack ability
– Enhanced stealth capabilities
Artificers can use their technological gadgets to gain an upper hand in combat, while Rogue abilities provide increased versatility and damage potential.
Fighter – Extra attacks
– Combat abilities
– Access to heavy armor and martial weapon proficiencies
The Artificer’s magical inventions complement the Fighter’s martial prowess, resulting in a formidable warrior with a wide range of capabilities.

The decision of which class to multiclass with is ultimately up to the player’s personal preference and desired playstyle. It’s important to consider the synergy between the Artificer class and the chosen multiclass option to ensure the character remains well-rounded and effective in all aspects of gameplay.


In conclusion, the Artificer class in Dungeons and Dragons 5E offers a unique and versatile gameplay experience. With its range of class features, the Artificer can adapt to different party roles, such as a support character, Defender, Healer, or Striker. By understanding the class mechanics and making smart choices in race, infusions, and spells, players can create an optimal Artificer build that aligns with their desired playstyle.

The Artificer’s ability to craft magic items and utilize infusions adds depth and customization to the character. Players can tailor their Artificer to suit their party’s needs, whether by creating specific items or sharing existing ones. This class also provides ample opportunities for creativity and role-playing, as characters can invent and tinker with magical gadgets and devices.

For those seeking a gameplay challenge, the Artificer class offers a complex playstyle that rewards strategic decision-making. However, it may not be suitable for new players or those who prefer a more straightforward approach. With careful attention to detail and a focus on optimization, the Artificer can be a valuable asset to any adventuring party in a DND 5E campaign.


Is the Artificer class suitable for new players?

The Artificer class is considered complex and not recommended for new players or those who prefer a simpler playstyle. It has more decision points than any other class, including the Wizard, as players must manage their spells, infusions, and tool proficiencies. This level of micromanagement can be rewarding for players who enjoy character optimization but may be overwhelming for others.

What are the main features of the Artificer class?

The Artificer class has unique features like spellcasting, infusions, and Magical Tinkering. It also has different subclasses known as Artificer Specialists, each offering its own set of abilities. Players must consider their ability scores, saves, and proficiencies when building their Artificer character.

Which races are recommended for Artificers?

Some recommended races for Artificers include Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Human, Tiefling, and Aarakocra. Each race may provide bonuses to ability scores, skills, and other traits that enhance an Artificer’s capabilities.

What are some notable infusions for Artificers?

Notable infusions for Artificers include Repeating Shot, Enhanced Weapon, Boots of elvenkind, and Cloak of elvenkind. These items can enhance an Artificer’s combat abilities, mobility, and stealth.

How can players optimize an Artificer character?

To optimize an Artificer character, players should consider their role in the party, spell selection, and infusions. Versatility and adaptability are key strengths of the Artificer class. Role-playing opportunities and creative use of spells and abilities can enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Can Artificers multiclass with other classes?

Yes, Artificers can benefit from multiclassing to further customize their character. Some popular multiclass options for Artificers include combining with Rogue for additional skills and sneak attack, or combining with Fighter for extra attacks and combat abilities. Multiclassing allows for greater versatility and synergy with other classes.

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