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207+ BEST Makeup & Beauty Names for Instagram [TikTok, Catchy]

Makeup and beauty Instagram names are used by a variety of people, including makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and even everyday makeup enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a name for your makeup or beauty-related Instagram account, here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Come Up with a Good Beauty Name for Instagram

When looking for beauty usernames for Instagram or makeup Instagram names here are some tips by category.

1. Makeup Artists

If you’re a makeup artist, your username should be all about your art.

Choose a name that is creative and reflective of your unique style.

Some examples include “The Makeup Artist” or “MakeupBy_YourName”.

2. Beauty Bloggers

Your username should be catchy and reflective of the type of content you post.

For example, if you’re all about natural beauty, try something like “TheBeautyDiaries” or “NakedTruthBeauty”.

3. Everyday Makeup Enthusiasts

Your username can be anything you want!

Get creative and have fun with it. If you’re stuck, try using your name or a play on words.

Some examples include “BeautyJunkie” or “MakeupAddict”.

4. Instagram Handle Tips for Everyone

  • Keep it short and sweet! Long names are hard to remember and hard to spell.
  • Use keywords that describe what your account is all about. This will help people find you when they’re searching for specific content.
  • Be unique! There are millions of users on Instagram, so make sure your username stands out from the rest.
  • Use numbers or special characters if your desired username is already taken.

For example, “MakeupBy_YourName” could become “MakeupBy_YourName123”.

With these tips in mind, here are over 200 of the best makeup and beauty names for Instagram to help you get started.

Beauty Instagram Username Ideas

1. The Makeup Artist

2. Makeup By Your Name

3. The Beauty Diaries

4. Naked Truth Beauty

5. Beauty Junkie

6. Makeup Addict

7. Glamour Girl

8. Fabulous and Flawless

9. Pretty in Pink

10. Glitz and Glam

40+ Unique Cosmetic Related Business Names

Good Beauty Names for Instagram

Consider adding these adjectives:

1) Unique

2) Eye-Catching

3) Short and Sweet

4) Memorable

5) Gorgeous

6) Clever

7) Sassy

8) Classy

9) Fun

10) Creative

11) Professional

12) Edgy

13) Trendy

14) Artistic

15) Vintage

16) Romantic

17)(Your Name + Beauty/Makeup keywords). For example: MakeupBy_YourName, TheBeautyDiaries, BeautyJunkie, etc.

Cool Beauty Names for Instagram











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Cute Beauty Names for Instagram

1) Beautific

2) Beautyby__(Your Name)

3) BeautyChaos

4) Beautology

5) BeauteousBombshell

6) Beauty_Bonanza

7) Beauty_Bombz

8) Beauty_Bundle

9) BeautyBytes

10) BeautyClosetLA

11) BeautyDiaryxo






17. Beautyin aJar

18. Beautyismypassion

19. Beautylabla

20. Beautymakeupaddicts

21. Beautynoir

Creative Beauty Instagram Names

1) Beautifying

2) Glamous

3) The Beauty Room

4) All Things Beauty

5) Beauty and the Blog

6) Beauty by the Beach

7) Beauty on a Budget

8) The Beauty Edit

9) Beauty Insider

10) The beauty of Life

11. Beautiful You

12. Bloom and Grow

13. Breathe, Believe, and Create

14. Discover Your Glow

15. Do What Makes You Happy

16. Everyday is a New Adventure

17. Express Yourself Beautifully

18. Follow Your Dreams

19. For the Love of Makeup

20. From the Inside Out

Catchy Makeup Artist Business Names

Best Beauty Names for Instagram

1) IG Beauty

2) Makeup by [Your Name]

3) Beauty Blog

4) Beauty Tips

5) Beauty Products

6) Beauty Secrets

7) How to Look Good

8) Makeup Tutorials

9) Skincare Routine

10. The best of both worlds

11. The power of makeup

12. Timeless beauty

13. True beauty comes from within

14. Unleash your inner beauty

15. Wake up and makeup!

Beauty Hashtags for Instagram

1) #Beautiful

2) #InstaBeauty

3) #Bella

4) #MUA (Makeup Artist)

5) #Cosmetics


Great Instagram Names for Beauty

1) Beau Tiful

2) Beaut

3) Beauti

4) Beauties

5) Beautiful

6) Beautifull

7) Beauty

8) Beautyful

9) Beautyfulllll

10. Makeup Lover

11. Girly Girl

12. Fashionista

13. Shopaholic

14. beauty junkie

15. beauty blogger

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Instagram Names for Beauty Bloggers (Beauty Blog Names for Instagram)

1) Makeup & Beauty by [Your Name]

2) Beauty Blog by [Your Name]

3) The Beauty Blog

4) All Things Beauty

5) Beauty Tips & Tricks

6) How to Look Good

7) Makeup Tutorials

8. Beauty Secrets Revealed

9. Skincare Routine & Tips

10. Ask a Beauty Blogger

11. Beauty Talk with (Your Name)

12. Get Ready with Me

13. Behind the Scenes of a Beauty Blogger

14. My Everyday Makeup Routine

15. What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Unique Beauty Name Ideas

1) Skincare & Beauty

2) Beauty by the Beach

3) Beauty on a Budget

4) The Beauty Edit

5) Beauty Insider

6) The beauty of Life

7. Beautiful You

8. Bloom and Grow

9. Breathe, Believe, and Create

10. Discover Your Glow

11. Do What Makes You Happy

12. Everyday is a New Adventure

13. Express Yourself Beautifully

14. Follow Your Dreams

15. For the Love of Makeup

16. From the Inside Out

17) Glamorous

18) makeUpBy_YourName123

19) PrettyinPink2468

20) Glitz

Health and Beauty Page Name Ideas

1) Makeup and Health

2) Health and Beauty Tips

3) Health and Beauty Secrets

4) Healthy and Beautiful

5) The Health and Beauty Page

6) Health, Beauty, and You

7) Your Health, Your Beauty

8) Discovering Health and Beauty

9) Create healthy and Beautiful Life

beauty instagram makeup names

Beauty Product Name Ideas

1) Glamorous

2) Perfection

3) Beauty

4) Beautify

5) Glamour

6) Sunshine Palette

7) Nudes Palette

8) Blushes

9) Bronzers

10. Highlighters

11. Lippies

12. Skincare

13. Makeup Tools

14. Haircare Products

15. Body Care Products

Beauty Salon Name Ideas for Instagram

1) The Beauty Spot

2) Beauty Spotlights

3) Beauty Secrets

4) All About Beauty

5) Discover Your Beauty

6. The power of makeup

7. Timeless beauty

8. True beauty comes from within

Salon Name Ideas for Instagram: Unique and Eye-Catching Names That Stand Out

1) A Cut Above the Rest

2) Allure

3) Ambiance

4) American Salon

5) Blondies

6) Blow Out Bar

7) Chez Vous

8) Coiffeur

9) David’s Salon

10. Elan Hair Studio

11. Fantastic Sams

12. GossamerThreads Beauty eXchange

13. Jenna Hipp International Nail Lacquer

14. L’atelier de Joëlle Ciocco

15. LaLa Land

16. Mario Tricoci Hair Salons and Day Spas

17. Mèche Salon

18. Paul Mitchell The School

19. Pierre Michel

20. Rita Hazan True Color

21. Rudy’s

22. Salon Eva Michelle

23. Salon754 South Beach

24. Scott J. Aveda Institutes

25. Spoke & Weal

26. The Drybar

27. Warren-Tricomi Salons

28. Wella Professionals World Studio

29. Zigzag Hair Studio

Catchy Makeup Group Names

1) Glam

2) Glitter

3) Glimmer

4) Sparkle

5) Shine

6. Glow

7. Radiance

8. Brightness

9. Luminosity

10. Luster

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FAQs – Best Makeup & Beauty Names for Instagram

What if your username is already taken on Instagram?

If your username is already taken on Instagram, try adding underscores or numbers to the end of your username.

For example, if your username is “beautiful” you could try “beautiful_1” or “beautiful_2”.

If those are also taken, you could try using a different word instead of “beautiful” such as “gorgeous”, “stunning”, or “pretty”.

What are some other ideas for beauty-related Instagram names?

Some other ideas for beauty-related Instagram names include:

1) makeupaddict

2) makeupjunkie

3) ilovemakeup

4) makeupobsessed

5) beautyblogger

6) beautylover

7) skincareaddict

8) hairjunkie

9) fashionista

10. stylist

11. imageconsultant

12. personal shopper

13. makeupartist

14. hair stylist

15. nail technician

Why is the Instagram username important?

Your Instagram username is important because it’s how people will identify you on the platform.

Choose a username that represents you and that you’re comfortable with other people seeing.

Your username can be your name, a nickname, or even a word or phrase that represents you.

Conclusion – Makeup Instagram Names

Beauty and makeup usernames for Instagram can be creative, clever, and cute.

When choosing a username, make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with other people seeing.

Your username can be your name, a nickname, or even a word or phrase that represents you.

If your desired username is already taken on Instagram, try adding underscores or numbers to the end of your username.


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