137+ BEST Catchy Lashes Business Names [Exotic]

If you’re looking for catchy exotic names for lashes or catchy lashes business names, you’re in the right place.

The first step in creating your lashes business is giving it a name. And not just any name – a name that will make your business stand out from the competition.

Your business name should be reflective of the quality of your products and services, and it should be memorable so that potential customers can easily find you again.

To get you started on brainstorming the perfect name for your lashes business, we’ve compiled a list of catchy and exotic names.

So take a look, and see if any of these names inspire you to create your own unique business name.

Best Lashes Business Names

1. Alluring Lashes

2. Brazen Lashes

3. Captivating Lashes

4. Devious Lashes

5. Enticing Lashes

6. Fascinating Lashes

7. Glamorous Lashes

8. Intriguing Lashes

9. Mischievous Lashes

10. Playful Lashes

11. Provocative Lashes

12. alluringeyeslashes

13. bewitchinglashes

14. enchanting

15. Top Falsies

Lashes Business Name Idea | Unique Lash name Ideas | Eye catchy lash business name | Name for Lash

Unique Lash Business Names

1. The Falsies

2. Flutter By

3. Glamour Lashes

4. Lashes by Design

5. Lash Envy

6. Pretty in Lashes

7. The Lash Lounge


9. Blink and Wink

10. Eye Candy Lashes

Eyelash Extension Business Names

Eyelash Extension Business Names

1. The Lash Bar

2. The Glam Room

3. Lash Out

4. Pretty in Pink

5. Eye Candy

6. Lash Lounge

7. The Beauty Mark

8. Blink

9. Hollywood Lashes

10. Diva Lashes

How to Name Your Lash Extension Business – Lash Name Ideas

Exotic Names for Eyelash Business

1. Sultry Lashes

2. Alluring Lashes

3. Mysterious Lashes

4. Glamorous Lashes

5. Captivating Lashes

6. Intriguing Lashes

7. Charming Lashes

8. Enchanting Lashes

9. bewitching Lashes

10. mesmerizing Lashes

Exotic Names for Eyelash Business

Best Eyelash Name Ideas

1. Luscious Lashes

2. Pretty in Pink Lashes

3. Flirty & Funky Lashes

4. All Eyes on Me Lashes

5. Sultry & Sexy Lashes

6. Glitter & Glamour Lashes

7. Dramatic & Dazzling Lashes

8. Classy & Elegant Lashes

9. Bold & Beautiful Lashes

10. Mysterious & Alluring Lashes

Cute Lash Business Names

1. Lashes by Lily

2. The Lash Lounge

3. Lashed Out

4. Pretty in Pink Lashes

5. Lash Addict

6. The Glamourous Life Lashes

7. Luxury Lashes

8. The Lash Boutique

9. Flirty Lashes

10. Sultry Lashes

Catchy lashes Business Names

1. Alluring Eyes

2. Brazen Beauty

3. Captivating Lashes

4. Devious Dolls

5. Enticing Eyes

6. Fascinating Lashes

7. Glamorous Lashes

8. Intriguing Eyes

9. Mischievous Maidens

10. Playful Lashes

Mink Lash Names Ideas

1. Minki Lashes

2. Minkys Lashes

3. Minkalicious Lashes

4. Minkgasm Lashes

5. Mink Envy Lashes

6. Minkstravaganza Lashes

7. Minktastic Lashes

8. Minkaissance Lashes

9. Minktacular Lashes

10. Minkaliciousness Lashes

11. Minkstirring Lashes

12. Mink-a-licious Lashes

13. Minka-tastic Lashes

14. Minkgasmic Lashes

15. Enviable Lashes by Minki

Eyelash Brand Names

1. L’Oreal

2. Maybelline

3. MAC

4. Lancome

5. Covergirl

6. Avon

7. Estee Lauder

8. Clinique

9. Sephora

10. Revlon

Clever Names for Fake Eyelashes

1. Bambi’s Baby Blues

2. Flutter Bys

3. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

4. Seuss-ical Style

5. Something’s Fishy

6. Winking Eyes

7. Bat Your Lashes

8. Eye Do

9. For Fox Sake

10. I’m A Believer

11. It’s All About The EYES

12. On Cloud Nine

13. Over The Rainbow

14. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

15. You’re A Doll!

Lash Name Ideas for Instagram

1. LashBoss

2. LashesByLinh

3. TheLashDiary

4. LashLovers

5. PrettyLashes

6. LashAddict

7. LashEnvy

8. iLash

9. TheLashGuru

10. LashGalore

Lash and Brow Business Names

1. The Glamorous Girl

2. The Lash and Brow Boutique

3. Pretty in Pink

4. Beauty by Design

5. The Taming of the Brow

6. Bombshell Brows

7. Forehead Fantasies

8. Sleek and Chic

9. The Groomed Goddess

10. Polished

Tips for Naming a Lashes Business

Below are some tips for naming a lashes business.

1. Brainstorm a list of words that relate to your business.

2. Try to be creative and unique with your name.

3. Make sure your name is easy to pronounce and spell.

4. Keep it short, simple, and catchy.

5. Check if the domain name for your chosen name

FAQs – Lashes Business Names

What are some catchy names for a lash business?

Some catchy names for a lash business include “The Falsies,” “Flutter By,” “Glamour Lashes,” “Lashes by Design,” and “Lash Envy.”

What are some unique names for an eyelash extension business?

Some unique names for an eyelash extension business include “The Lash Bar,” “The Glam Room,” “Lash Out,” “Pretty in Pink,” and “Eye Candy.”

What are some exotic names for an eyelash business?

Some exotic names for an eyelash business include “Sultry Lashes,” “Alluring Lashes,” “Mysterious Lashes,” “Glamorous Lashes,” and “Captivating Lashes.”

What are some best name ideas for a lash business?

Some best name ideas for a lash business include “Luscious Lashes,” “Pretty in Pink Lashes,” “Flirty & Funky Lashes,” and “All Eyes on Me Lashes.”

Conclusion – Lashes Business Names

Your lashes business name is important as it will be one of the first things that potential customers see and remember about your business.

Try to be creative, unique, and catchy with your name to make sure it stands out from the rest. Good luck!


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