237+ BEST Party Name Ideas [Name of Parties – Cool, Fun, Creative]

In this article, we cover the best party name ideas to help you get started on planning the perfect event.

From cool and creative to fun and festive, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to party planning, the first step is always coming up with a great name for your event.

A catchy name will help guests remember your party long after it’s over. And if you’re stuck on ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

To get you started, here are some of our favorite party names:

Best Party Name Ideas

1) A Cut Above the Rest

2) A Night to Remember

3) All that Glitters

4) Angels and Demons

5) Around the World in 80 Days

6) Back to Basics

7) Bad to the Bone

8) Bangin’

9) Battle of the Sexes

10) Best of the Best

11) Black and White Ball

12) Boogie Nights

13) Born to be Wild

14) Brew Ha Ha

15) Bring it On!

16) Burnin’ Up

17) Bust a Move

18) Candyland

19) Caribbean Dreams

20) Casino Royale

21) Cirque du Soleil

22) Clash of the Titans

23) Foam Party

24) French Connection

25) Gangnam Style

26) Garden Party

27) Geisha Nights

28) Glitter and Gold

29) Hollywood Nights

30) House Party

31) I ♥ NY

32) Italian Job

33) La Dolce Vita

34) Latin Fever

35) Lip Service

36) Little Black Dress Party

37) Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

38) Masquerade Ball

39) Moulin Rouge!

40) Mystery Night

41) Nautical but Nice

42) Neon Dreams

43) New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

44) Nightmare on Elm Street

45) Paint the Town Red

46) Paradise Found

47) Pretty in Pink

48) Pump up the Jam

49) Purr-fect Party

50) Queen for a Day

51) Race to the Finish Line

52) Rainbow Brite

53) Roaring 20’s

54) Rock Stars

55) Roller Derby

56) Safari Adventure

57) Sin City Nights

58) Snow Ball

59) Space Odyssey

60) Spooktacular Halloween

61) Star Wars

62)Super Bowl Sunday

63)Sweet Dreams

64)Taste of the Town

65)The Big Day

66)The Great Gatsby

67)The Haunted House

68)The Lion King

69)The Nightmare Before Christmas

70)The Price is Right

71)Three Little Pigs

72)To infinity and Beyond!

73)Toy Story

74)Tropical Paradise

75)Under the Sea

76)Wacky Wednesday

77)White Christmas

78)Wild, Wild West

79)You’ve been Framed!

80)Zombie Apocalypse

10 Popular Party Themes Ideas

Summer Party Names

1. The Cool Kids’ Party

2. The Ultimate House Party

3. A Night to Remember

4. The Great Gatsby Gala

5. Hollywood Nights

6. Casino Royale

7. Mystical Forest Fête

8. Arabian Nights

9. Winter Wonderland

10. La Dolce Vita

11. South Beach Soiree

12. The Roaring ’20s Party

13. Fiesta del Sol

14. Midsummer’s Night Dream

15. Oktoberfest

16. Halloween Hootenanny

17. Thanksgiving feast

18. Christmas party

19. New Year’s Eve Ball

20. Valentine’s Day Dance

21. St. Patty’s Day Celebration

22. Easter Egg Hunt

23. Fourth of July BBQ

24. Labor Day Luau

25. Halloween Party

Spring Party Name Ideas

Spring Party Name Ideas

1. “Best Day Ever” Spring Party

2. “Fresh Start” Spring Party

3. “New Beginnings” Spring Party

4. “Warmth of Friendship” Spring Party

5. “A Time to Blossom” Spring Party

6. “Growing Together” Spring Party

7. “Nurturing Nature” Spring Party

8. “Life is a Garden” Spring Party

9. “Seeds of Love” Spring Party

10. “A Blossom of Hope” Spring Party

Club Party Name Ideas

1. “The Club”

2. “Club Heaven”

3. “Club Tropicana”

4. “Club 27”

5. “The speakeasy”

6. “The underground”

7. “The hideaway”

8. “The secret spot”

9. “The getaway”

10. “The after-hours club”

11. “The last call club”

12. “The all-nighter club”

13. “The nightcap club”

14. “The wrap-up club”

15. “The finisher’s club”

Dance Party Name Ideas

Dance Party Name Ideas

1) Island Dreams

2) Sun, Sea & Sand

3) Tropical Nights

4) A Night in Paradise

5) Caribbean Dreams

6) Beach Bash

7) Summer Lovin’

8) Endless Summer

9) Sun, Fun & Romance

10) Island Time!

11) Surf’s Up!

12) Hula Nights

13) Aloha!

14) Tropical Bliss

15) Hawaiian Nights

16) Maui Sunset

17) Waikiki Beach Party

18) Bora Bora Dreams

19) Fiji Fever

20) Laguna Beach party

21) Mykonos Nights

22) Mediterranean Dreams

23) Ibiza Nights

24) St. Tropez Nights

25) Monaco Madness

26) Venice Beach Party

27) Rio Carnival

28) Mardi Gras Madness

29) Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

30) New Year’s Eve in Rio

31) Carnivale!

32) Halloween in Havana

33) masked Ball

34) New Orleans Jazz Fest

35) Voodoo in the Big Easy

36) Bourbon Street Blowout

37) Full Moon Party

38) EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival

39) Tomorrowland

40) Ultra Music Festival

41) Coachella

42) Lollapalooza

43) Burning Man

44) Halloween Horror Nights

45) Knotfest

46) Ozzfest

47) Download Festival

48) Hellfest Open Air Festival

49) Rock in Rio

50) Austin City Limits Music Festival

51) Hangout Music Festival

52) Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

53) Pitchfork Music Festival

54) Fun Fun Fun Fest

55) Afro Punk Fest

56) Bamboozle

57) Warped Tour

58) Rock on the Range

59) Taste of Chaos

60) The Warped Tour UK

61) Soundwave Music Festival Australia

62) warped tour canada

63) Download Festival France

64) Pinkpop Festival

65) Hurricane Festival

66) Southside Festival

67) Open’er Festival

68) Roskilde Festival

69) T in the Park

70) latitude Festival

Creative Party Names

1. Bada Bingo

2. Party Animals

3. Night of a Thousand Stars

4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

5. The Great Gatsby

6. Alice in Wonderland

7. The Wizard of Oz

8. Harry Potter

9. Game of Thrones

10. Lord of the Rings

11. Star Wars

12. The Hunger Games

College Party Names & College Party Name Ideas

College Party Names & College Party Name Ideas

1. Alpha Beta Party

2. Animal House Party

3. Beach Bash

4. Beer Pong Tournament

5. Blacklight Party

6. Blind Date Party

7. Bourbon & Cigars party

8. Brazilian Carnival party

9. Casino Night

10. Charlie’s Angels Party

11. Cheerleader Tryouts Party

12. Cocktail Party

13.Cowboys & Indians Party

14. Cinco De Mayo Celebration

15. Disco Fever Night

16.’80s Dance Party

17.’70s Groove Night

18.’60s Psychedelic Night

19. Elite Eight Party

20. Final Four Party

21. Formal Dance

22. Frat Party

23. Gangster’s Ball

24. Greek Life Event

25. Halloween Bash

26. Hollywood Theme Party

27. Homecoming Dance

28. James Bond Theme Party

29. Junior Prom

30. Kanye West College Dropout Tour Stop Celebration

31. Karaoke Night

32.’50s Sock Hop

33. Luau

34. Mardi Gras Celebration

35. Marvel vs. DC Heroes Party

36. Masquerade Ball

37. Miami Beach Party

38. Movie Premiere Party

39. Nerd Prom

40. New Year’s Eve Party

41. Oscars Viewing Party

42. Paintball Tournament

43. Poker Night

44. Pool Party

45. Preppy Prep School Dance

46. Pajama Jammy Jam

47.”Rock the Vote” Voter Registration Drive Event

48.’70s Roller Disco Night

49.”Sadie Hawkins” Dance

50.”Senior Send-Off” All-Night Graduating Class Lock-In Event

51.”Spread the Love” Valentine’s Day Card-Making & Candy-Giving Party

52.”The Big Game” Watch Party

53. Super Bowl Party

54. Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

55. Tailgate Party

56. Talent Showcase & Battle of the Bands Competition

57. Tea Dance party

58. Top 40 Countdown Dance Party

59. Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

60. Video Game Night

61. Wine Tasting Event

62. Winter Formal Dance

63.’90s Hip Hop House Party

64.’90s MTV Spring Break Beach Party

65.’Nsync Listening & DANCE PARTY

66. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training & Halloween Costume party

67. (Insert Your School Name Here) Pride Day Celebration

68. (Insert Your School Name Here) Sports Team Playoff Game Viewing Party

69. (Insert Your School Name Here) vs. (Rival School Name) Rivalry Football Game Watching Party

70. A “Green” Earth Day Celebration Event

College Party Names & College Name Ideas Descriptions

College Party Names & College Name Ideas Descriptions

1. Alpha Beta Party: a party for the students in the Alpha and Beta sororities or fraternities

2. Animal House Party: a toga party based on the movie Animal House

3. Beach Bash: a party held at the beach

4. Beer Pong Tournament: a tournament where teams of two compete against each other in a game of beer pong

5. Blacklight Party: a party where blacklights are used to decorate and create an ultraviolet light atmosphere

6. Blind Date Party: a party where singles are set up on blind dates

7. Bourbon & Cigars party: a party for those who enjoy bourbon and cigars

8. Brazilian Carnival party: a party based on the Brazilian Carnival

9. Casino Night: a party where casino games are played for fun (not for money)

10. Charlie’s Angels Party: a party based on the TV show Charlie’s Angels

11. Cheerleader Tryouts Party: a party for those who want to try out to be cheerleaders

12. Cocktail Party: a party where cocktails are served

13.Cowboys & Indians Party: a Western-themed party

14. Cinco De Mayo Celebration: a party to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo

15. Disco Fever Night: a party where disco music is played

16.’80s Dance Party: a party where ’80s music is played

17.’70s Groove Night: a party where ’70s music is played

18.’60s Psychedelic Night: a party where ’60s music is played

19. Elite Eight Party: a party for the eight teams remaining in the NCAA basketball tournament

20. Final Four Party: a party for the four teams remaining in the NCAA basketball tournament

21. Formal Dance: a dance where formal attire is worn

22. Frat Party: a party thrown by a fraternity

23. Gangster’s Ball: a party where attendees dress as gangsters

24. Gothic Ball: a party where attendees dress in gothic clothing

25. Halloween Bash: a party where attendees dress in costumes and/or decorate their house for Halloween

26. Hollywood Theme Party: a party where attendees dress as their favorite movie star or celebrity

27. Homecoming Dance: a dance to welcome back alumni of a school

28. James Bond Theme Party: a party where attendees dress as characters from the James Bond movies

29. Junior Prom: a prom for juniors in high school

30. Kanye West College Dropout Tour Stop Celebration: a party for fans of rapper Kanye West

31. Karaoke Night: a party where karaoke is sung

32.’Knight in Shining Armor’ Ball: a party where attendees dress as medieval knights

33. Latin Dance Party: a party where Latin music is played and Latin dancing is done

34. Luau: a Hawaiian-themed party

35. Mardi Gras Celebration: a party to celebrate the pre-Lenten carnival season

36. Margaritaville Night: a party where margaritas are served

37. Masquerade Ball: a party where attendees wear masks

38. May Day Celebration: a party to celebrate the first day of May

39. Memorial Day Celebration: a party to remember those who have died serving in the armed forces

40. Miracle on 34th Street Christmas Party: a party based on the movie Miracle on 34th Street

41. Monster Mash Halloween Party: a party where attendees dress as monsters and dance to the song “Monster Mash”

42. Moulin Rouge Theme Party: a party based on the movie Moulin Rouge

43. Mud Bowl: a party for the teams playing in the college football game with the most mud

44. Nerd Prom: a prom for nerds

45. New Year’s Eve Celebration: a party to ring in the new year

46. Oscar Party: a party to watch and celebrate the Academy Awards

47. Paintball Tournament: a tournament where teams of two compete against each other in a game of paintball

48.’Pirates of the Caribbean’ Theme Party: a party based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean

49. Pool Party: a party where people swim in a pool

50. Prom: a formal dance for high school students

51. Pajama Party: a party where attendees wear their pajamas

52.’The Purge’ Theme Party: a party based on the movie The Purge

53. Queen for a Day Party: a party where attendees dress up as queens

54. Renaissance Faire: an event where people dress up in Renaissance-era clothing and participate in activities from that time period

55. Roller Derby Tournament: a tournament where teams of roller derby skaters compete against each other

56. Sadie Hawkins Dance: a dance where girls ask boys to be their date

57. Scavenger Hunt: a game where teams of two or more people have to find specific items on a list

58.’The Simpsons’ Theme Party: a party based on the TV show The Simpsons

59. Sleepover: a party where people spend the night at someone’s house

60. Sophomore Prom: a prom for sophomores in high school

61. Super Bowl Party: a party to watch and celebrate the Super Bowl

62. Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party: a birthday party for someone who is 16 years old

63.’That ’70s Show’ Theme Party: a party based on the TV show That ’70s Show

64. Turkey Trot: a race held on Thanksgiving Day

65. Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: a tournament where teams of Ultimate Frisbee players compete against each other

66. Valentine’s Day Celebration: a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day

67. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Party: a party to watch and celebrate the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

68. Wedding Reception: a party to celebrate a wedding

69. Wine Tasting Party: a party where different types of wine are tasted

70. Winter Wonderland Party: a party where attendees decorate their house or space to look like a winter wonderland

71. Wizard of Oz Theme Party: a party based on the movie The Wizard of Oz

72. Yard Sale: a sale where people sell items from their yard or garage

73. Zombie Apocalypse: a party where attendees dress up as zombies

74. Zumba Party: a party where people do the Zumba workout

Tips for Throwing a Great Party

When you’re throwing a party, there are a few things you can do to make sure that it’s a success.

Pick a theme

First, pick a theme and stick to it.

This will help set the tone for the party and get everyone in the right mindset.

Plan ahead

Second, make sure to plan ahead and have everything ready before the guests arrive.

This includes having enough food and drink, as well as any games or activities you might want to do.

If everything is ready ahead of time, it will help the party run smoothly and keep everyone happy.

Be prepared for anything

Finally, be prepared for anything that might happen.

Things can always go wrong, so it’s important to have a backup plan.

For example, if you’re having a pool party, make sure you have enough towels on hand in case someone spills their drink.

Thinking ahead will help you avoid any stressful situations and make sure that everyone has a great time.

Party Name Ideas

FAQs – Party Name Ideas

What are some good party names?

– Masquerade Ball

– Oscar Party

– Paintball Tournament

– Scavenger Hunt

– Turkey Trot

– Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

– Wine Tasting Party

– Yard Sale

What are some tips for throwing a great party?

1. Make sure to send out invitations in advance so that your guests can save the date!

2. Choose a theme that will get everyone excited about attending your party.

3. Decorate your venue to match the theme of the party. This will help set the mood and make it more festive!

4. Prepare any food or drinks ahead of time so that you can enjoy the party along with your guests.

5. Have some fun games or activities planned so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

6. Make sure to have a good music playlist ready to set the tone for the party.

7. Have some fun prizes on hand for any games or competitions that you might have.

8. Make sure to clean up afterwards so that your venue is left in the same condition as it was when the party started.

Conclusion – Name of Parties

There are many different types of parties that you can throw, and the perfect party name depends on the type of event that you are hosting.

If you are looking for a good party name, make sure to consider the theme and tone of your event.

You can also use these tips to help you come up with a great party name that will get everyone excited about attending your event!


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