Thrift Store Names

183+ Vintage Thrift Store Names [Catchy, Good, Cute, IG, Pinterest]

Brainstorming thrift store names is the first step in creating a fun, memorable, and creatively engaging brand.

In this article, we’ll cover the best thrift store names as well as some helpful tips on how to come up with your own.

What Should I Name My Thrift Store? Tips for Naming a Thrift Store

When naming a thrift store, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

Your name should be reflective of the type of store you’re running

If you’re a vintage store, your name should reflect that.

If you sell used goods, your name should make that clear.

Your name should be easy to remember

You want your customers to be able to remember your store name so they can tell their friends about you.

Avoid using big words or anything that might be hard to spell.

Your name should be unique

There are a lot of thrift stores out there, so you’ll want to make sure your name stands out from the rest.

Avoid using any common words or anything that might be confused with another store.

Your name should be catchy

You want your name to be something that people will remember and, ideally, something that will make them smile.

Brainstorming Thrift Store Names

Now that you know what to keep in mind when naming your thrift store, it’s time to start brainstorming some ideas!

To get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of hundreds of the best thrift store names out there to help get you started!

Thrift Store Names Ideas (Ideas for Thrift Store Names)

1. Second-hand Heaven

2. The Thrift Shop

3. Clothes Mentor

4. Buffalo Exchange

5. Salvation Army Family Stores

6. Goodwill Stores

7. Unique Thrift Store

8. Plato’s Closet

9. Crossroads Trading Co.

10. Savers Thrift Stores

11. Uptown Cheapskate Franchise

Thrift Shop Name Ideas ‐ Resale Shop Name Generator

Catchy Thrift Store Names

2nd Chance Bargains

A Penny Saved

Bargain Bags Thrift Store

Benefit Resale Shop

Better than New Consignment

Beyond the Rack

Blessed Trinity Thrift Shop

Boomers & Beyond

Cause and Effect Resale Boutique

Clothes Mentor

Crossroads Trading Co.

D.I. or Die Thrift Store

Eco-Chic Resale Boutique

Encore Consignment & Resale Shop

Frugalista Fabulous Finds

Goodwill Industries

Hidden Gems

Funny Thrift Store Names

1) Wanderer’s Paradise

2) Dented Diamonds

3) The Bargain Basement

4) Treasure Trove

5) Yard Sale Finds

6) Once Upon a Time Resale

7) New to You

8) Gently Used Goods

9) Second-Hand Dreams

10) Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop

11) I Found it at the Thrift Store!

12) Miracle on 34th Street Resale Shop

13) Bargain Betty’s Boutique

14) The $1 Shop

15) Five and Dime Thrift Store

16) Twenty Cent Wonders

17) Pennies from Heaven

18) Quarters & More

19) Dimes & Things

20) Nickels & Dimes

Thrift Store Names: 230+ Best & Catchy Name Ideas To Start Your Thrift Store Business

Aesthetic Thrift Store Names

1. Second Chance Thrift Store

2. New Beginnings Thrift Store

3. The Salvation Army

4. Goodwill

5. Unique Thrift Store

6. Plato’s Closet

7. Beacon’s Closet

8. Buffalo Exchange

9. Crossroads Trading Co.

10. Savers

11. Uptown Cheapskate Franchise

12. Rag-O-Rama

13. Wasteland

14. Front & Company

15. No Relation Vintage

16. What Goes Around Comes Around NYC

17. Rags to Riches Resale Shop LLC

18. The Vintage Rabbit

19. Blue Velvet Vintage

20. Resurrection Vintage Clothing store

Cute Thrift Store Names

1) Like New Fashion

2) Second Time Around

3) Once More Thrift Store

4) One Last Time Shop

5) Do-Overz

6) Twice Upon a Time Shop

7) Three Times a Charm Boutique

8) Forever Yours Resale Shop

9) Always in Fashion Resale

10) A Cut Above the Rest Thrift Store

11) Best of the Bunch Thrift Store

12) Top of the Line Thrift Store

13) Head of the Class Thrift Store

14) First Place Finds Thrift Store

15) Number One Notions Thrift Store

16) Premium Picks Thrift Store

17) Choice Collectibles Thrift Store

Thrift Store Names

Good Thrift Store Names

1) Twice Saved

2) New Again

3) Unbelievable Bargains

4) Reuse & Recycle

5) The Old is New Again

6) Something for Everyone

7) A Wide Array of Possibilities

8) You Never Know What You’ll Find!

9) One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

10) A Great Selection at Low Prices

11) Quality Used Merchandise

12) Satisfaction Guaranteed

13) We Appreciate Your Business!

14) Like New at a Fraction of the Cost!

15) A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That…and More!

16. Antiques & Collectibles

17. Art, Books, & Media

Thrift Store Names for Instagram

1) Thrift Paradise

2) Secondhand Bliss

3) The Coveted Closet

4) A Thrifter’s Dream

5) Wanderlust Vintage

6) Resale Renovations

7) Second Chance Styling

8) Freshly Picked Thrift

9) One of a Kind Finds

10. Upcycled & Loved

11. Sustainable & Chic

12. Gently Worn with Love

13. Modern Vintage

14. Trendy & Timeless

15. Classic with a Twist

16. Funky & Fun

17. Whimsical & Wonderful

18. Adorable & Affordable

19. Majestic & Mysterious

20. Stunning & Surprising

Thrift Store Names for Pinterest

1) Thrifty Classics

2) Secondhand Sensations

3) A Touch of Vintage

4) Resale Reflections

5) Encore of Style

6) Once More with Feeling

7) Timeless Treasures

8) A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That…and More!

9) Unique Finds & One-of-a-Kind Items

10. Nostalgic & New

11. Yesterday’s Finds, Today’s Trends

12. Future Classics

13. Modern Heirlooms

14. Sustainable Style

15. Refreshingly Unexpected

16. Whimsy & Charm

17. Artisanal & Authentic

18. Exquisite & Exceptional

Thrift Store Names

Cool Thrift Store Names

1) Thrift and Gift

2) The Green Thumb

3) The Swap Shop

4) The White Elephant

5) Freecycle

6) Reuse It or Lose It!

7) Give and Take

8) Pay it Forward

9) One for You, One for Me

10. I’ll Take That!

11. Something for Nothing

12. From Rags to Riches

13. Treasure Trove

14. buried Treasure

15. a pot of Gold

16. Aladdin’s Lamp

17. serendipity

18. the Midas touch

19. the holy grail

20. Pandora’s Box

Clever Thrift Store Names

1) Gift Imagination

2) The Do-Over Shop

3) Secondhand Heights

4) The Reuseable Store

5) Cheapskate’s Dream

6) Déjà Vu Vintage

7) Twice the Fun!

8) Something for Everyone

9) A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That…and More!

10. New Again

11. Trendy & Timeless

12. Classic with a Twist

13. Funky & Fun

14. Whimsical & Wonderful

15. Adorable & Affordable

16. Majestic & Mysterious

17. Stunning & Surprising

18. Exquisite & Exceptional

19. one in a million

Junk Shop Names

1) One Man’s Treasury

2) All That Glitters

3) The Rummage Sale

4) The Attic

5) The Basement

6) The Shed

7) The Garage

8) Grandma’s House

9) Auntie’s House

10. Uncle’s House

11. Estate Sales

12. Yard Sales

13. Flea Markets

14. Antique Stores

15. Vintage Shops

16. Collectible Stores

17. Used Bookstores

18. Comic Bookstores

19 Hobby Shops

20 Music Stores

Thrift Store Names in French

1) La boutique d’occasion

2) La boutique de troc

3) La récup’

4) Le magasin de vêtements d’occasion

5) Le bazar

6) L’entrepôt

7) La friperie

8) La galerie de brocante

9) L’antiquaire

10. La marchande d’articles usagés

11. Le magasin de meubles d’occasion

12. La boutique vintage

13. la petite annonce

14. le vide-grenier

15. la foire aux puces

16. le grenier

17. le dépôt-vente

18. la consigne

19. le don

20. l’échange

Thrift Store Names in Spanish

1) La tienda de segunda mano

2) La tienda de antigüedades

3) El mercadillo

4) La pulga

5) La casa de empeños

6) El rastro

7) La gallería de anticuarios

8) El almacén

9) El sótano

10. El garaje

11. La habitación de los trastos

12. Casa de la abuela

13. Tiendas de chinos

14. Talleres mecánicos

15. Desguaces

16. Los quioscos

17. Las librerías

18. Los mercados

19. Las ferias

20. Los bares

Online Thrift Store Names

1) The Online Yard Sale

2) The E-Bay Store

3) The Craigslist Shop

4) The Etsy Shop

5) The Amazon Shop

6) The Facebook Shop

7) The Twitter Shop

8) The Pinterest Shop

9) The Instagram Shop

10. The Snapchat Shop

11. The TikTok Shop

12. The YouTube Shop

13. The Website Shop

14. The BlogShop

15. The Online Auction

16. The Online Garage Sale

17. The Online Consignment Shop

18. The Online Flea Market

19. The Online Vintage Shop

20. The Online Bazaar

Japanese Thrift Store Names

1) たびだて屋

2) りんご屋

3) あまいものや

4) 古着屋

5) 美味しいものや

6) 雑貨屋

7) ハンドメイド品店

8) 新鮮なものや

9) 地元の物産店

10. 観光客向けの店

11. 外国人観光客向けの店

Korean Thrift Store Names

1) 유용한 잡화점

2) 골목 잡화점

3) 중고 잡화점

4) 가게 집 잡화점

5) 빈티지 잡화점

6) 한국인 잡화점

7) 외국인 잡화점

8) 해외 소매상

9) 기념품 잡화점

10. 선물 잡화점

11. 공예 잡화점

12. 당사의 잡화점

13. 기타 잡화점

14. 한국 아름다운 장소 잡화점

15. 한국 맛있는 음식 잡화점

16. 한국 멋진 의상 잡화점

17. 한국 멋진 악기 잡화점

18. 한국 도쿄 등 관광 명소 잡화점

19. 한국의 역사 및 문화

Thrift Clothing Store Names

1) Top Flight

2) Name Brand

3) The Rack

4) Big Box

5) Cheap Eats

6) Outlet Store

7) Designer Consignment

8) High End Thrift

9) Second Time Around

10. Once Upon a Time

11. New Beginnings

12. Fresh Start

13. Second Chance

14. Renewed Hope

15. A Brighter tomorrow

16. A New Leaf

17. Turning Over a New Page

18. A Fresh Perspective

19. Looking at Things Differently

20. Seeing Things in a New Light

FAQs – Thrift Store Names

What are thrift stores?

Thrift stores are retail establishments that sell gently used clothing, household goods, and other items.

The term “thrift store” is often used interchangeably with “consignment shop,” “second-hand store,” or “resale shop.”

What are some popular thrift store names?

There are many popular thrift store names, including Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, and Value Village.

What are some tips for naming a thrift store?

Some tips for naming a thrift store include coming up with a name that reflects the mission of the store (e.g., “Fresh Start” or “Second Chance”), using puns or wordplay (e.g., “Once Upon a Time” or “New Beginnings”), or incorporating keywords related to thrifting (e.g., “used,” “pre-owned,” or “vintage”).

Conclusion – Thrift Store Names

Choosing a name for your thrift store can be a fun and creative process.

There are many factors to consider, such as the mission of the store, the type of merchandise you sell, and your target customer base.

No matter what you choose, make sure the name is reflective of the store’s brand and purpose.

With a little thought and imagination, you’ll come up with the perfect name for your business in no time!


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