239+ White Dog Names [Unique, Classy, Tough, Cute]

White dog names are some of the most popular choices for owners with a white-coated pup.

Whether your pup is fluffy, long-haired, or has straight fur, there are plenty of white dog names to choose from!

Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • White Dog Names (Male)
  • White Dog Names (Female)
  • Black and White Dog Names
  • Brown and White Dog Names
  • White Dog Names in Spanish
  • White Dog Names (Japanese)
  • Unique White Dog Names
  • White Dog Names Ideas
  • White Dog Names (Pitfall)
  • White Dog Names from Movies
  • White Puppy Names
  • Classy White Dog Names
  • Tough White Dog Names
  • Big White Dog Names
  • White Dog Names in Korean
  • Cute White Dog Names
  • White Fluffy Dog Names
  • White Cream Dog Names
  • White Pomeranian Dog Names
  • White and Tan Dog Names
  • White and Grey Dog Names

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with white dog names.

Tips for Coming Up with a White Dog Name

When choosing a white dog name, there are a few key things to consider.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your pup:

1. Consider their personality and size

Different breeds of dogs have different personalities and sizes, so when thinking of names it may be a good idea to consider these two variables.

A large breed such as a Great Pyrenees or Saint Bernard might be better suited to a big and strong-sounding name, while a smaller breed like a Shih Tzu or Chihuahua could use something more delicate and lighthearted.

2. Look for inspiration in nature

Nature can be full of great inspiration when picking out white dog names!

Consider using elements from nature such as trees, flowers, elements of weather, or even names of animals.

3. Research popular white dog names

When choosing a name for your pup, it may also be helpful to research some popular white dog names.

This can give you an idea of what other people are naming their four-legged friends and allow you to see which ones could work best for yours.

4. Make the name unique

Lastly, try to make your pup’s name unique!

Avoid common pet names like “Fluffy” or “Buddy” that everyone else might be using and come up with something truly special instead!

A good way to do this is by combining two words together to create a unique and creative name. For example, you could combine the words “snow” and “angel” to create the name “Snowangel”!

With these tips in mind, hopefully you now have all the inspiration you need to find the perfect white dog name for your precious pup.

Now let’s take a look at some lists.

White Dog Names (Male)

1. Alpine

2. Aspen

3. Arctic

4. Blizzard

5. Cloud

6. Cotton

7. Flake

8. Frost

9. Ghost

10. Hail

11. Iceberg

12. Ivory

13. Prince

14. Snowball

15 Storm

White Dog Names (Female)

1. Angelica

2. Aurora

3. Alaska

4. Blanche

5. Daisy

6. Diamond

7. Flurry

8. Glacier

9. Honeycomb

10. Ice Cream

11. Lace

12. Pearl

13. Powder

14. Snowflake

15. Winter

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Black and White Dog Names

1) Oreo

2) Domino

3) Checkered

4) Stripe

5) Bandit

6) Panda

7) Salt & Pepper

8) Peanut Butter & Jelly

9) Trouble Maker

10) White Lightning

Brown and White Dog Names

1. Brownie

2. Mocha

3. Chip

4. Butterscotch

5. Cocoa

6. Latte

7. Cappuccino

8. Chai

9. Java

10. Maple

11. Caramel

12. Nutmeg

13. Fudge

14. Toffee

15. Brown Sugar

White Dog Names in Spanish

1) Blanco (Blank-oh)

2) Nieve (Nee-eh-veh)

3) Copo De Nieve (Co-po Day Neh-eh-veh)

4) Helado (Eh-lah-doh)

5) Brillante (Bree-yahnte)

6) Cortina De Niebla (Cortina Day Neeblah)

7) Condensación (Con den Sahssee Ohn)

8) Hielo (Hee El Oh)

9) Ola De Frío (O Luh Dah Free oh)

10) Albañal (Albahnahl)

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White Dog Names (Japanese)

1) Shiro (Shee-roh)

2) Yuki (Yoo-kee)

3) Reiki (Ray-kee)

4) Akari (Ah-kah-ree)

5) Shizuka (Shee-zoo-kah)

6) Haru (Hah-roo)

7) Kaze (Kah-zey)

8) Hakuun (Hah kuhn)

9) Hana (Ha hah)

10) Sakura(Sah ku rah)

Unique White Dog Names

1) Star

2) Stardust

3) Stardancer

4) Moonbeam

5) Snowgazer

6) Snowlyte

7) Shadowdance

8) Windchill

9) Icicle

10) Winterwolf

White Dog Names (Asian Inspired)

1. Bae-Bae (Korean for “baby” or “darling”)

2. Baihu (Chinese for “white tiger”)

3. Biaoyan (Chinese for “glistening”)

4. Fubuki (Japanese for “snowstorm”)

5. Fuji (Japanese for “wisteria blossom”)

6. Fu Pei (Chinese for “white feather”)

7. Gongju (Korean for “princess”)

8. Gulao (Chinese for “frosted valley”)

9. Haneul (Korean for “heavenly sky”)

10. Shiro-chan (Japanese suffix meaning small/endearing)

White Dog Names Ideas

White Dog Names Ideas

1) Diamond

2) Blizzard

3) Frosty

4) Snowball

5) Polar

6) Ice

7) Arctic

8) Crystal

9) Avalanche

10) Flurry

White Dog Names From Nature

1. Cloud

2. Glacier

3. Mist

4. Nimbus

5. Whitecap

6. Hailstone

7. Blizzard

8. Moonbeam

9. Snowdrift

10. Flake

11. Winter

12. Pearl

13. Powder

14. Snowflake

15. Winter

White Dog Names (Pitbull)

1. Blizzard

2. Diamond

3. Ice

4. Powder

5. Snowball

6. Snowflake

7. Winterwolf

8. Frosty

9. Blizzardsnow

10. Polarbear

White Dog Names from Movies and Books

1. Aspen (The Hunger Games)

2. Banshee (X-Men)

3. Dolly (Animal Farm)

4. Ghost (Game of Thrones)

5. Luna (Harry Potter)

6. Marshmallow (Frozen)

7. Pearl (Charlotte’s Web)

8. Snowball II (The Simpsons Movie)

9. White Fang (White Fang novel by Jack London)

10. White Shadow (Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book)

White Dog Names from Movies and Books

White Dog Names from Mythology and Religion

1. Aurora – Greek goddess of the dawn

2. Chione – Greek goddess of snow

3. Freya– Norse goddess of love

4. Hylia – Greek goddess of winter

5. Niflheim – one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology

6. Olwen– Welsh goddess of snow and winter

7. Snegurochka (Snegurka) – Russian “Snow Maiden” fairy tale character

8. Snow White—the heroine from a Grimm brothers’ fairytale

9. Thor – Norse god of thunder, storms, and strength

10. Yuki Onna— Japanese spirit or yokai associated with winter weather

White Puppy Names

1. Angel

2. Babydoll

3. Cottonball

4. Cupcake

5. Fluffy

6. Marshmallow

7. Puffball

8. Snowflake

9. Sugarplum

10. Winter

Classy White Dog Names

1. Arctic

2. Casper

3. Eclipse

4. Ivory

5. Opal

6. Prince

7. Snowdrift

8. Stardust

9. Sutton

10. Whitecap

Tough White Dog Names

Tough White Dog Names

1. Blizzard

2. Breaker

3. Frosty

4. Iceberg

5. Maverick

6. Polar

7. Rocky

8. Storm

9. Thor

10. Thunder

White Dog Names from the Bible

1) Angel – A messenger of God in biblical tales

2) Dove – Symbolic of peace and purity in Christian literature

3) Faith – One of the three divine virtues described in 1 Corinthians 13:13

4) Genesis – The first book of the Bible

Big White Dog Names

1) Beast

2) Colossus

3) Goliath

4) Hercules

5) Jumbo

6) King Kong

7) Mammoth

8) Sherman

9) Titan

10) Yeti

White Dog Names in Korean

White Dog Names in Korean

1) Bbalgan – “snowy”

2) Byeonhwa – “white lotus flower”

3) Doobun – “snow man”

4) Gunwha – “silver flower”

5) Hyeoncheol – “white dew”

6) Namdae – “snow day”

7) Seolmae – “snowy plum blossom”

8) Soolmang – “white dream”

9) Taebak – “great white snow”

10) Woonnim – “perfect snowflake”

Cute White Dog Names

1) Angelcake

2) Biscuit

3) Cloudy

4) Cupid

5) Fluffykins

6) Marshmallow

7) Ninja

8) Snowbell

9) Sugarplum

10) Winter

White Fluffy Dog Names

1) Blanco

2) Cashmere

3) Cotton

4) Downy

5) Flocke

6) Marshmellow

7) Powder

8) Snowball

9) Shelly

10) Wispy

White Dog Names from Popular Culture

White Dog Names from Popular Culture

1. Casper (The Friendly Ghost cartoon character)

2. Elsa (Frozen movie character)

3. Koda (Brother Bear movie character)

4. Misha (Red Dawn movie character)

5. Nala (The Lion King movie character)

6. Odin (Thor movie character)

7. Snowy (The Adventures of Tin Tin cartoon character)

8. White Fang (White Fang movie and novel character)

9. White Walker (Game of Thrones television series characters)

10. Yuki (The Grudge movie character)

White Cream Dog Names

1. Angel Cream

2. Chantilly

3. Cookie Dough

4. Crème Brulee

5. Dreamcicle

6. Frosty Paws

7. Icing

8. Milky Way

9. Snow White

10. Whipped Cream

White Dog Names from Literature

1) Aslan – The lion in C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia books

2) Bianca – A white dove character in Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew

3) Fluke – The white dog in the book Small Steps by Louis Sachar

4) Greyfriars Bobby – A Skye Terrier from the book of the same name

5) Snowy – Tintin’s white terrier companion from Hergé books

6) White Fang – Jack London’s novel about a wolf-dog hybrid

7) Whitie– The protagonist’s loyal dog in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series

8) Wishbone – A Jack Russell Terrier featured in children’s television shows and books

9) Yeller – The yellow lab/golden retriever mix who is the main character in Fred Gipson’s novel, Old Yeller

10) Zazu – A white terrier from the book, The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford

White Dog Name Ideas from Mythology

White Dog Name Ideas from Mythology

1) Boreas – The Greek god of winter and the north wind

2) Freya – Norse deity who drives a chariot pulled by cats and is associated with love, beauty, fertility and war

3) Heimdallr – Norse god whose skin is as white as snow

4) Helios – The sun god in Greek mythology

White Pomeranian Dog Names

1) Angel

2) Cotton Ball

3) Fluffy

4) Marshmallow

5) Snowball

6) Sugarplum

7) Tiny Dancer

8) Whitey

9) Wishbone

10) Yuki

White Toy Dog Names

1. Angelica

2. Blanche

3. Crème Brulee

4. Flocke

5. Ice Cube

White and Tan Dog Names

1. Angelpuff

2. Cookie Dough

3. Frosty Paws

4. Marshmellow

5. Ninja

6. Sandy

7. Snowbell

8. Sugarplum

9. Winter

10. Yodel

White and Brown Dog Names

1) Blanco

2) Cashmere

3) Chocolate Chip

4) Downy

5) Freckles

6) Mocha

7) Nutmeg

8) Shelly

9) Truffles

White and Grey Dog Names

1) Chilly

2) Cloudy

3) Dove

4) Falcon

5) Frosty

6) Gunner

7) Misty

8) Smoky

9) Stormy

10) Winter Moon

White and Black Dog Names

1. Bandit

2. Charcoal

3. Domino

4. Ebony

5. Glacier

6. Ink

7. Midnight

8. Oreo

9. Panda

10. Shadow

FAQs – White Dog Names

What are some great white dog names?

Some classic white dog names include Snowy, Blizzard, and Cotton. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, you could try Polar, Casper, or Marshmallow.

For elegant white pups, opt for Pearl or Ivory. Or if you want a name that reflects your pup’s sweet personality—Coconut or Sugar might be perfect!

Your pup’s breed can also inspire their name! Popular pooch breeds like Samoyed have many great options like Alaska, Fjord, and Svalbard.

Are there unique white dog names?

Absolutely! Just take a look at some of the unusual options above—there are plenty to choose from, like Polar Bear, Ghost, or Snowy Owl. Or maybe you’d prefer something more fashion-forward like Frosty or Glitter?

You could even opt for something more creative like White Lightning or Diamond Dust—the possibilities are endless!

What are some cute white dog names?

Cuteness abounds when it comes to naming your pup! If you’re looking for cute white dog names, consider Marshmallow, Cottonball, Fluffy, Angora, or Cloud. You can also try out some names inspired by sweets, like Jellybean, Bonbon, or Licorice.

And if you’re looking for something truly unique, how about Marshmellowa or Softy? These are sure to make your pup stand out from the pack!

What are some names for white dogs with black patches?

Black and white pups are absolutely adorable, and they deserve names that reflect their unique look!

If your pup has black patches, try out some of these options: Oreo, Pixie, Domino, or Onyx.

You could also consider other dark names such as Shadow, Eclipse, Licorice, or Midnight. For something a little more playful, choose Bandit or Spot!

What are some cool white dog names?

If you’re looking for something cool and edgy for your pup’s name—look no further! Consider Whiteout, Avalanche, Blizzardy or Chill. You can also opt for winter-inspired names like Frostbite or Iceberg.

For a cool musical reference, try names like Vinyl or Harmony.

Or choose a more color-coordinated option such as Silver Bullet or Pearl Jam.

What about white dog names with meaning?

If you’d like to give your pup a name that has special significance, there are plenty of options available! For example, the French word “Blanc” means “white” while the Italian word “Bianco” translates to the same meaning.

You can also opt for some spiritual names such as Chakra (Hinduism), Adonai (Judaism), or Yaweh (Christianity). Other meaningful white dog names include Zen, Harmony, and Miracle.

Happy naming!

Conclusion – White Dog Names

No matter what your pup’s coat color is, finding the perfect name for them can be a challenging yet fun task.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your pup perfectly!

Whether you opt for a classic name or something more unique, make sure to take your time and pick out something that both you and your pooch will love.


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