Big Dog Name

247+ Big Dog Names [Gentle Giant, Unique, Rare, Strong]

If you’re looking for names for big dogs, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll take a look at different big dog names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Big Dog Names (Male / Boy)
  • Big Dog Names (Female / Girl)
  • Unique Big Dog Names (Male & Female)
  • Dog Names That Mean Big and Strong
  • Gentle Giant Dog Names
  • Big Dog Names for Tiny Dogs
  • Big Dog Names for Mastiff
  • Big Dog Names and Meanings
  • Rare Big Dog Names
  • Funny Big Dog Names
  • White Big Dog Names
  • Black Big Dog Names
  • Brown Big Dog Names
  • Scary Big Dog Names
  • Fluffy Big Dog Names
  • Big Eared Dog Names
  • Big Breed Dog Names
  • Big Tough Dog Names
  • Other Names for Big Animals

Before we get into the lists, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with big dog names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Big Dog Name

When it comes to naming your new big dog, you have a lot of options.

Doing a bit of research and getting creative can help you pick the perfect big dog name for your pup!

Here are some tips for coming up with an appropriate and meaningful name:

1) Choose something that will stand out

Your pup’s name should be distinct and memorable.

2) Get inspired by the breed or size of your pup

For example, if you have a Great Dane, a name like “Goliath” might fit perfectly!

3) Consider your pup’s personality traits

Does he look particularly smart? A great option might be “Genius” or “Brainiac”!

4) Make sure the name doesn’t embarrass you or your pup

You don’t want to choose something that could be considered embarrassing for either of you.

5) Have fun!

Naming your new big dog should be an enjoyable experience, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have a little bit of fun with it.

Once you’ve chosen a name, make sure you use it consistently when training your pup and praising him, so he learns his new identity quickly!

With that said, let’s get into the categories.

Big Dog Names (Male / Boy)

1) Thor

2) Apollo

3) Atlas

4) Titan

5) Marley

6) Maximus

7) Hercules

8) Jaxon

9) Grizzly

10) Diesel

Big Dog Names (Female / Girl)

1) Athena

2) Freya

3) Gaia

4) Sasha

5) Luna

6) Zoey

7) Daisy

8) Bella

9) Hazel

10) Aurora

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Unique Big Dog Names (Male & Female)

1) Maverick

2) Shadow

3) Stormy

4) Dakota

5) Raven

6) Banshee

7) Zeus

8) Shiva

9) Athena

10) Phantom

Dog Names That Mean Big and Strong

1) Kong

2) Magnum

3) Diesel

4) Bronx

5) Rambo

6) Kai

7) Thor

8) Atlas

9) Boomer

10) Hercules

Gentle Giant Dog Names

Gentle Giant Dog Names

1) Chubbs

2) Barkley

3) Gentle

4) Augustus

5) Goliath

6) Bear

7) Sweetie

8) Panda

9) Clifford

10) King Kong

Big Dog Names for Tiny Dogs

1) Hulk

2) Gizmo

3) Maximus

4) Moose

5) Hercules

6) Diesel

7) Tank

8) Jumbo

9) Titan

10) Tiny

Big Dog Names for Mastiff

1) Bullseye

2) Napoleon

3) Diesel

4) Champ

5) Beast

6) Rocky

7) Thor

8) Maximus

9) Marley

10) King Kong

Big Dog Names and Meanings

Big Dog Names and Meanings

1) Duke (nobility, leader; from the Latin Dux meaning “leader”)

2) Rex (king; Latin for “king” )

3) Zeus (god of the sky; Greek mythology’s supreme ruler, king of gods and men )

4) Apollo (God of Light; son of Zeus in Greek mythology, associated with music, healing, and the sun )

5) Thor (God of Thunder; from Norse mythology, a courageous warrior associated with thunder and lightning )

6) Odin (Father of the gods in Norse mythology, was also a god of wisdom and knowledge, and leader of the Wild Hunt.)

7) Atlas (Mythological Titan who supports Earth; Greek mythological figure responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders )

8) Loki (Trickster God; In Norse mythology, he is referred to as a cunning trickster god who causes chaos and mayhem )

9) Ares (God of War; Greek God of war and bloodshed, son of Zeus and Hera )

10) Hercules ( Mythological hero renowned for his strength; iconic hero from Greek mythology who is famous for his many labors )

Rare Big Dog Names

1) Zorro

2) Azuma

3) Balthazar

4) Caspian

5) Dante

6) Draco

7) Epic

8) Flash

9) Guinevere

10) Honor

Funny Big Dog Names

1) Biggie Smalls

2) Gargantua

3) Goliathicus

4) King Kong

5) Mighty Max

6) Sir Barks-a-lot

7) Tiny Tim

8) T-Bone

9) Tutu

10) UberMutt

11) Waggy P

White Big Dog Names

White Big Dog Names

1) Blizzard

2) Crystal

3) Frosty

4) Marshmallow

5) Snowball

6) Snowflake

7) Silver

8) Winter

9) White Lightning

10) Whiteout

Black Big Dog Names

1) Coal

2) Ebony

3) Ink

4) Jet

5) Midnight

6) Onyx

7) Panther

8) Raven

9) Shadow

10) Smokey

Brown Big Dog Names

1) Auburn

2) Biscuit

3) Coco

4) Copper

5) Java

6) Latte

7) Mocha

8) Nutmeg

9) Peanut

10) Toffee

Brown Big Dog Names

Gray Big Dog Names

1) Ash

2) Chrome

3) Dusty

4) Fog

5) Gunmetal

6) Iron

7) Lead

8) Mercury

9) Nickel

10) Steel

Red Big Dog Names

1) Brick

2) Crimson

3) Flame

4) Ginger

5) Ruby

6) Rusty

7) Scarlet

8) Sienna

9) Sunset

10) Big Red

Scary Big Dog Names

1) Cerberus

2) Diablo

3) Fangs

4) Hades

5) Nightmare

6) Reaper

7) Spitfire

8) Venom

9) Werewolf

10) The Beast

Fluffy Big Dog Names

1) Angel

2) Bunniz

3) Cloud

4) Fluffy

5) Marshmallow

6) Puffball

7) Snowflake

8) Silk

9) Teddie

10) Teddybear ­­­­­­­­­­

Big Eared Dog Names

Big Eared Dog Names

1) Dumbo

2) Mickey

3) Radar

4) Spock

5) Yoda

6) Ears

7) Bugs

8) Owl

9) Floppy

10) Poppy ­­­­­­­­­­

Furry Big Dog Names

1) Furball

2) Fuzzybunz

3) Hairy pawter

4) Kodiak

5) Shaggy

Big Breed Dog Names

1) Beagle

2) Bulldog

3) Collie

4) Dachshund

5) Great Dane

6) German Shepard

7) Golden Retriever

8) Labrador

9) Rottweiler

10) Saint Bernard ­­­­­­­­­­

Cute Big Dog Names

1) Buttons

2) Chewbie

3) Fluffykins

4) GusGus

5) Romeo

6) Scooby

7) Snuggles

8) Snuggy

9) Wags

10) Waggy ­­­­­­­­­­

Big Tough Dog Names

Big Tough Dog Names

1) Baron

2) Bruiser

3) Caesar

4) Duke

5) Goliath

6) Hulk

7) Killer

8) Maverick

9) Samson

10) Thor

Other Names for Big Animals

You can even name your giant dog a different animal like “Moose” or “Bear.”

1) Moose

2) Elephant

3) Giraffe

4) Rhino

5) Hippo

6) Bear

7) Lion

8) Tiger

9) Wolf

10) Buffalo ­­­­­­­­­­

FAQs – Giant Dog Names

What are some dog names that mean big and strong?

Some dog names that mean big and strong are:

  • Atlas
  • Thor
  • Hercules
  • Zeus
  • Samson
  • Apollo
  • Goliath
  • Odin
  • Rottweiler
  • Brawn

These names are inspired by legendary figures from mythology, known for their strength and power.

Other options for big and strong dog names could include names that mean large or powerful in another language, such as Gaelic or Latin.

For example, in Gaelic, “bród” means “big” and “ard” means “strong,” so a big and strong dog name could be Brodard or Ardbrod.

In Latin, “magnus” means “great” or “large,” so a big and strong dog name could be Magnus or Magnar.

What is a good name for a huge dog?

Some good names for a huge dog might be “Buddy,” “Bear,” “Titan,” or “Goliath.”

Of course, the best name for your dog will depend on its personality and the image you want to project.

Naturally, the most important thing is that you choose a name that you like and your dog responds to.

What are some badass dog names?

Some badass dog names might include “Ace,” “Boomer,” “Brick,” “Diesel,” “Jagger,” “Jax,” “Koda,” “Leo,” “Maddox,” “Milo,” “Rocco,” “Sarge,” “Sully,” “Tyson,” or “Zeus.”

Again, the best name for your dog will depend on its personality and the image you want to project.

It’s important to choose a name that you and your dog both like, and that suits your dog’s personality.

What is the coolest name for a dog?

The coolest name for a dog is a matter of personal opinion, as different people may have different ideas about what constitutes a “cool” name for a dog.

Some people might think that names like “Jax,” “Zeus,” “Boomer,” or “Maddox” are cool, while others might prefer more unusual names like “Quinn,” “Xena,” “Astra,” or “Ziggy.”

What is the #1 dog name today?

Bailey and Bella are the two most popular dog names at the moment.

What is the most famous dog name?

The most famous dog name is probably Lassie, the fictional collie who starred in a popular series of movies and TV shows.

Other noteworthy names include Scooby-Doo, Rin Tin Tin, and Marley from the movie Marley & Me.

What are some unique dog names?

Some unique dog names might be:

  • Arrow
  • Calypso
  • Juno
  • Kismet
  • Kona
  • Moxie
  • Neptune
  • Ollie
  • Quinn
  • Skye

Conclusion – Names for Big Dogs

Finding the perfect name for your big pup can be a challenge, but with so many options available, it’s possible to find that perfect fit.

From traditional names like Duke and Goliath to more unique choices like Moose and Bear, there are plenty of interesting and fitting names out there for the biggest of dogs.

Depending on what impression you want to make or how you want your dog to be remembered, you can choose from strong names, cute names, or even other animal names.

With so many options available, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your pup!


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